How to Contact the ORS

The website is being migrated to a new host at present. Please bear with me while I set up email addresses.

For enquiries about membership, or for submitting a paper to present at a meeting, contact the Society secretary at:

  • secretary at ors, dot uk, dot net

For enquiries relating to finance and the Society, other than membership fees, contact the Society treasurer at:

  • treasurer at ors, dot uk, dot net

For issues regarding this website, such as dead links or suggestions for it's content, contact the webmaster at:

  • webmaster at ors, dot uk, dot net

You'll need to convert the english language version of the addresses to email addresses that your email program will recognise. We've been inundated with spam recently so this is a stop-gap measure before we implement a web form and 'challenge' known as a CAPCHA.

If you need to contact the Society by mail, write to:

James O'Hara
Secretary to the ORS
Consultant Otolaryngologist - Head and Neck Surgeon
Department of ENT
Freeman Hospital
High Heaton