Welcome to the Otorhinolaryngological Research Society

Site Closure, August 2017

ORS and BSAO have joined forces to become British Otorhinolaryngology and Allied Sciences Research Society. This site will be closing in August as part of these changes.

About the Society

The Otorhinolaryngological Research Society was formed in 1979 to promote research in ENT. Its membership is open to doctors of all grades in otorhinolaryngology in the UK, and meetings are also open to those from overseas and those in related disciplines. The meetings consist of free papers covering all aspects of the specialty, and are held twice a year.

The ORS is a forum for the best in current research in otorhinolaryngology in the UK. Each paper chosen to be presented at an ORS meeting is blindly peer reviewed by a panel of academics from the field of ENT, and upon presentation, papers are given immediate feedback and critiquing from an audience with an extensive knowledge base in ENT, research and pure sciences. Very few arenas offer presenters the undivided attention of so many esteemed academics in the confinements of one room, as at an ORS meeting. Even if you do not plan to present any work, the meetings are an excellent way to keep abreast of new developments and are CME accredited.


Website Maintenance, 8th May, 7.30-8pm (UK) - Updated

The hosting company who provide our web space have updated some of their systems and asked me to test a few changes. I'll run these tests on Monday, 8th May between 7.30 and 8pm UK time. You may encounter problems browsing the site at this time; all of the tests are 'reversible' and normal service will resume at 8pm.

Updated, 8th May 7.40pm: The testing is complete and the website has remained stable.

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Spring Meeting

The ORS Spring Meeting will be held on Friday, 10th March at the Liverpool Medical Institution.

The programme for the meeting is now available - download the file or view the programme online.